About Us

The Death Collective Story. 



In November of 2011, I was woken up in the early hours of the morning to the news that my friend Dane had been in an accident and was in intensive care. 

For the next few days I was alongside Dane’s family and closest friends (some I hadn’t seen for years) as we waited and hoped for some good news. On November 25 we were told that his life support would be switched off. Dane died at 4:19am that morning.

Two months later, I received another phone call. My friend Adam had been involved in a car accident, and was in intensive care. We raced to the hospital to see Adam and support his family. The Nurse later told us that his life support would be switched off.   

Two of my friends died in two months.

Their funerals would follow and would see hundreds of friends and family come to pay their respect to these great men. 

I eventually came to terms with Dane and Adam passing, however I couldn’t stop thinking about one thing… It took their deaths to bring us all together again. Rather than wait for another funeral, I decided to create something that we could use as an ‘excuse’ to get together more often. The focus would be on having fun and would revolve around one common interest… Motorcycles.

‘Death Collective’ was born.




Our message is simple… It doesn’t matter what you ride, or how you ride it… all that matters is who you’re riding with.

We believe that the best riders in the world, are the ones having the most fun.