'Smiley' Screen Printed Poster
'Smiley' Screen Printed Poster

'Smiley' Screen Printed Poster

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Hang some Death on your walls!

These posters are screen printed... so they're 100x better than a standard digital print. Each layer of ink is applied individually by hand, and then baked in oven to cure. The end result is a super crisp artwork print where you can actually see each layer of ink! 

These prints do not come framed - however you can pick up really cheap A2 frames from places like Ikea, Big W, Walmart etc. Just make sure you buy an 'A2' sized frame and you're good to go! If you can't find one, hit us up on email and we will track one down for you. 


Print size: 420mm x 594mm (A2)

Card stock: 300gsm Black Card

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